Order Custom Plates

What can I use for my plate number?
For a personalized plate, enter 2 to 6 characters. You can use the following characters:
  • letters, A through Z
  • numbers, 0 through 9
  • spaces
Special characters
Do not include any symbols or punctuation, such as hyphens, commas, periods or dollar signs.
Use of spaces
A space may be used to group the characters on your plate (for example, 'MY PL8'). Each space will count toward the total length of your plate number.
Prohibited combinations
The DMV reviews requested personalized plate combinations and is not required to issue a requested plate. Generally, avoid combinations using 3 letters followed by 3 numbers, or 3 numbers followed by 3 letters, such as 'ABC123' and '123ABC'. These plate combinations are reserved by DMV and are not available for personalized plates.